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Recently there has been considerable talk about the new Ohio State Standards and the requirement in Ohio for all public school districts to administer state approved assessments that are aligned with Ohio’s academic content standards and designed to measure a student’s skill level in a specific subject area.  In 2014-15, Ohio’s school districts will be using new assessments in English language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies.  The academic standards in English language arts and mathematics are significantly more rigorous than Ohio’s past academic standards.  In response, our local instructional leaders and teachers have re-written curricula and created new units and lesson plans that demand more of students.  At the same time, they have also developed their own interim assessments to determine what students are and are not grasping.  This is occurring at every grade level.  We believe Ohio has made a commitment to deliver significantly higher levels of academic performance for all its children.  We started working on this process five years ago and started to actively use the new standards two years ago.  It amounted to an entire system reboot – a major undertaking by our administrators, classroom teachers, and students.  This is the right course and worth the effort when it leads to higher performing students at Wayne Local Schools.
When and Why did all this start?
The world our children will live in will be much different than the one we have known.  To keep pace Ohio updated the curriculum standards that outline the knowledge and skills students need to have in key subjects in every grade.  In the 1990's, the “Standards & Accountability Movement” began in the U.S. as states began writing standards outlining (a) what students were expected to know and to be able to do at each grade level, and (b) implementing assessment designed to measure whether students were meeting the standards.  As a result of an initiative sponsored by the national Governors Association (NGA) and the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO), standards were released for mathematics and English language arts on June 2, 2010. They sought to establish consistent educational standards and ensure that students graduating from high school are prepared to enter credit-bearing courses at two- or four-year college programs or to enter the workforce.
Educational standards provide a simple roadmap to where our children are going.  This means students, parents/guardians and teachers can work together toward the same goals.  Standards are related to real world; they focus on the knowledge and skills students will need to succeed in life, not just the classroom.  Standards do not tell teachers how to teach, but they do help educators identify the knowledge and skills their students should have so teachers can build the best lessons and environments for their classrooms.  They are designed to be challenging, but achievable and practical for teachers to use.  Education standards also called “academic content standards,” are guidelines that describe what children are to learn in each subject and grade.  They tell us what each child should know and be able to do by the end of a school year.  The goal of all these guidelines is to ensure that all students have greater opportunities and access to the careers of their choice through a K-12 education system that provides the knowledge and skills most valued by employers and higher education. 
How Will the Standards Help My Child?

  • Your child is studying fewer topics within each subject, but drilling deeper into each to gain more understanding.
  • Your child will be carrying well-understood key concepts from grade to grade to broaden and build on his or her knowledge.
  • Your child is learning to relate key ideas from math, science, language arts and social studies to real-life situations.
  • Your child’s teacher is using more in-depth teaching methods and getting frequent measurements of how your child is doing.

How Will the Standards Help Parents or Guardians?

  • You will be aware of exactly what your child should know and be able to do by the end of each grade.
  • Because the standards make expectations very clear, you, your child and your child’s teacher will be able to work toward a single goal.
  • You will see that your child is learning about fewer topics in each grade, but he or she is learning much more about each topic.

Wayne Local Schools offers services to both special needs and typical children with curriculum and settings tailored to the science of early childhood education.

The Wayne Local School preschool provides both center-based and itinerant (visiting) teaching for children ages 3-5 who are identified by their district as children who would benefit from specific interventions to address delays or needs.  Teachers, aides and therapists work with children to achieve goals specified in their Individual Education Plans (IEP’s).  Typical children are also an important part of the preschool classrooms, serving as peer models and sharing in activities based on Ohio’s Early Learning Content Standards.

Please visit the Wayne Local website to find out about our Preschool application process, timeline, enrollment packets, screenings and cost.  Applications are onlineApplications will not be accepted until Monday, March 2, 2015 at 8:00 a.m. in the Superintendent’s Office.  Applications must be hand delivered. (Applications will NOT be accepted prior March 2.)

The Wayne Local Hall of Fame exists to recognize individuals who exemplified excellence in two categories: 1) Academic Leadership (accomplishments while a student in the Wayne Local School District, and/or 2) Success and Citizenship (accomplishments after graduation from Wayne Local School District, or while an employee of the school district, or for other significant contributions to the school district).

Nomination forms may be picked up in the Superintendent's office or found on the Wayne Local website “Hall of Fame form”.  Deadline for forms is March 30, 2015. The recipients of the Hall of Fame award will be announced at the 2015 Wayne Local Alumni Dinner Saturday, May 23.
Mail the nomination form to Wayne Local Schools, Attn:  Pat Dubbs, 659 Dayton Rd. Waynesville, OH  45068.  Forms may be emailed to pdubbs@wayne-local.com  please cc hvoiles@wayne-local.com  

It’s that time again to nominate an excellent Educator or an Innovative Teacher.   Remember the educator must hold a current teaching certificate and work at Wayne Local. 
This year you can access the nomination form 2 different ways.
You can nominate deserving teachers by completing the on-line form on the www.apcwc.org website – just click on - http://www.apcwc.org/project-excellence/ and click on “PROJECT EXCELLENCE NOMINATION FORM” to open –  complete the requested  information and when you hit “submit” the document will be emailed to Project Excellence in Lebanon.
NOTE: nominations received that have the text area left blank will be discarded 
 “Text Area” What does this educator do that exemplifies excellence in teaching? Please be as specific as possible. 
If you prefer you may print the Project Excellence form for 2015 by clicking here.  This document can be mailed via US Mail – send to Project Excellence, P O Box 802, Lebanon 45036 or scanned and emailed to apcpe@ohioinfo.org .
Nominations will close Friday – February 27, 2015.
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